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Wellbeing At Work- 3 Tips To Conquer The Slump

Feeling stuck and hopeless? You are not alone. Even the most motivated of people are faced by a wave of demotivation at times. It is common to get into a slump. Consequently, we feel the impact of it in our life and in the way we handle change. But do not lose hope! The Mental Health Coach is here to provide you with guidance on how to manage stress and recover from burnouts, starting with three simple tips to maintain your wellbeing at work and conquer your day. We also run a Workplace Mental Health Training program, that has specifically been designed to boost your work life through a consistent focus on your mental wellbeing.

The Mental Health Coach Wellbeing at Work

1. Start small and build up gradually 

If you are having a hard time getting started, chances are you are thinking too big. Overwhelming yourself with a vision of the future and to-do lists can often be counter-productive. Say you want to pick up a new skill, then start with 30 minutes of practice everyday. If you want to make progress on a project, start by focusing on the small wins. You want to exercise and become healthier, then start with a 30-minute walk daily. Taking baby steps to make sure you are not overwhelmed with stress and anxiety is they key. Then, build on these small goals to give yourself momentum to move towards your bigger goals.

All of the above while focusing on your mental health is what will help you get far. Start your journey of maintaining mental well being at work and home with us. Our Bespoke Mental Health Coaching or Personal Mental Health Coaching are tailored just for this.

2 . Focus on the essentials

The most common cause of burnout is overloading yourself with an unrealistic amount of tasks. This often leads to overwhelming emotions and a loss of motivation. It is a common pitfall to take on too much, overestimate your productivity, and then lose energy and focus. In this case, it is recommended to strip down your responsibilities.  Focus on the most essential ones and prioritise them. 

Following this approach with your work and prioritising your responsibilities allows you to devote your energy and motivation to the most important tasks and manage time better. Starting your workday with the most pressing priorities and finishing them will allow for a sense of accomplishment. This will then go on to fuel you throughout the day. It will also contribute towards your positive mental wellbeing at work.

TMHC Focusing on Essentials

3.  Find happiness in the process 

It is crucial to acknowledge that life has ebbs and flows. Focusing on being resilient in the light of that is the stepping stone towards enjoying what one does. This applies to one’s personal or professional life. It is important to constantly monitor your thoughts. Acknowledging negative thoughts, understanding their cause and trying to replace them with positive affirmations is life changing. Additionally, learning how to manage your emotions and regulate stress through meditation, counselling, and proper care of your physical health are some methods to reinvigorate and maintain motivation. To improve your wellbeing at work and avoid slumps, it is important to understand yourself. More so, it is important to understand your motivations, callings, and problems. The Personalised Mental Health Coaching – Bespoke and Workplace can help you with gaining self-awareness and maintain mental wellbeing at work and home.

TMHC Achieving mental wellbeing

Mental health slumps are common and it is important to acknowledge that rather than dismissing the feeling. We at The Mental Health Coach understand that. We are here to help you get out of the rut and create motivation to tackle daily challenges. Hopefully, our three tips can be starting points for you in finding your motivation to tackle your workday. 

For better management of your mental wellbeing at work, join The Mental Health Coach’s Mental Health Workplace Training today. We also offer a range of Mental Health First Aid courses for different audiences as well as relationship mental health coaching, change management mental health coaching, & leadership mental health coaching. Contact us today to know more about our courses.

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