Bespoke Mental Health Coaching

Bespoke Mental Health Coaching

Recent studies have taken the help of modern technology along with the standardized practices of psychiatric evaluation to give a more rounded solution to workplace mental health.

At The Mental Health Coach, we acknowledge the difference in personalities, experiences, behaviours and the social situations that people have been brought up in. These factors contribute to the differences in people’s psyche and their mental health requirements. Keeping this in mind, we take a bespoke mental health coaching approach to providing mental health coaching that is curated for individuals taking into consideration all the factors mentioned above. 

We also consider major situations such as the outbreak of the pandemic and the effects of the lockdown on people’s mental health. According to the Australia’s Health 2020 report, one in five Australians reported that they were suffering from a mental or a behavioral condition. These statistics were further exacerbated by the outbreak of the pandemic, as can be expected with people having to stay indoors under strict restrictions. 

Mental Health Coaching Bespoke
Trainee Bespoke Mental Health Coaching

Recent studies have taken the help of modern technology along with the standardized practices of psychiatric evaluation to give a more rounded solution to workplace mental health. This enables mental health professionals to understand the personal and social lives of their clients- their lives outside of work.  

Following this approach of bespoke mental health coaching allows for an evidence based plan for people to understand the trends in their mental health- factors causing them discomfort, contributing to their depression or anxiety and factors leading them to relapse. Client behaviours are closely followed in this approach in an attempt to chalk out a plan that allows them to identify stressors in future and help them build psychological and emotional resources to face those stressors in future and in case of a lack of such resources, how to avoid such situations completely. Bespoke mental health aims to understand what your colleagues need since the requirements differ greatly from organization to organization. 

Some common mental health problems that can be identified are depression, anxiety, substance abuse and psychosis. Psychosis includes a range of emotions that contribute to a person’s detachment from reality leading to irritability, agitation, and in some cases often hallucinations. Bespoke mental health coaching aims to identify factors that put you or others at risk. SInce these factors vary largely from person to person, a very thorough understanding of the client’s history is required along with taking standardized tests to identify the mental health issue and an ongoing monitoring of the person’s activities inside and outside of his workplace. This can be done through journaling, using technology like apps to keep track of one’s emotions, monitoring their social media and the usage of certain apps on their smartphones. 

Recent studies have shown a promising lead in identifying workplace stressors through smartphone usage and artificial intelligence. An example of this can be the AI apps that can monitor user’s mental health and get them to practise methods when their symptoms start showing. These apps often might need access to other apps as well to see the duration spent on them and further monitor a person’s mental health. 

Bespoke mental health approaches at the workplace train individuals not only to identify their own emotional responses to stressful situations but also to identify if their colleagues are under similar stressors and help them. The kind of action they take entirely depends on the risk that the person is undertaking- whether he is putting himself at risk or putting others at the workplace at risk as well. 

Eventually, the primary focus of bespoke mental health is to focus on an organization’s culture and structure and to ensure that one’s colleagues are emotionally robust to face the stressors at their workplace. This enables all employees to not just be aware of their own mental health but also identify if their colleagues are suffering from a mental health issue that is affecting their work and to take appropriate steps to control that and to seek professional help following that.

Workplace Bespoke Mental Health Coaching

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