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Creating a mentally healthy work environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to seek help is important to maintaining an efficient and happy workforce.

The importance of workplace mental health 

Creating a mentally healthy work environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to seek help is important to maintaining an efficient and happy workforce. Although, maintaining a healthy workplace is not always so easy and can have a direct impact on any company’s performance. This is where Mental Health Training for the workplace can be your solution. All of our mental health first aid courses are evidence-based programs that encourages and allows employees to form discussions around mental health. It creates a safe and encouraging environment for co-workers to facilitate the needed discussions around workplace mental health and also gives them confidence to speak up if they are experiencing some problems with their own mental health.

Workplace Mental Health Training
Workplace Mental Health Training Boardroom

Causes of poor workplace mental health 

Most people spend the majority of their time at work and whilst an ideal working environment would involve feeling valued, respected and supported, this is often not what we see in most workplaces. Workplace stress is one of the largest factors that contribute to one’s overall mental and physical health. Not all stress is negative, as it can sometimes be a motivational tool to facilitate workplace performance and productivity too. It is when we xperience too much job stress that our mental state can take a toll. On average each year, around 92% of serious work-related mental health condition claims are due to work-related mental stress. 

On average, one in five Australians take time off work due to feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Almost half of these people also consider their workplace to be mentally unhealthy and are significantly less likely to disclose their condition to any colleagues, reach out for support from the HR or management, nor offer support to another employee experiencing mental health issues.

There are a wide range of factors in the workplace that can lead to poor mental health of workers, including:

  • high or low job demand
  • poor organisational support or workplace relationships
  • a lack of role clarity
  • inadequate organisational change management\
  • isolated or remote work
  • poor environmental conditions
  • violent or traumatic events

The most common result for employees who experience any of the above conditions is work-related stress. When endured for an extended period of time, it further develop into mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, which could affect 

Exposure to these hazards can lead to work-related stress. When stress is very high and or prolonged it can in turn lead to work-related psychological or physical injury. For example, work-related stress may lead to depression and anxiety in the long term.

  • Work-related stress has been linked with high levels of:
  • unplanned absences including sick leave
  • staff turnover
  • withdrawal and presenteeism, and
  • poor work and poor product quality.

Workplace mental health context – stats

In total, mental ill-health costs the Australian economy nearly $13 billion each year. Only a fifth of all employers provide awareness training and initiatives around mental health, although as many as 88% of employees have indicated that they would like for there to be more discussions about mental health, which if initiated by workplaces, could eliminate stigma. 65% of those with mental health concerns remain untreated. 

Research has indicated that greater dialogue and emphasis on promoting workplace mental health can lead to increased productivity and may reduce absenteeism. 

Group Training Workplace Mental Health Training
Workplace Mental Health Training

What is gained from a work and career mental health coaching?

At the Mental Health Coach, we provide mental health coaching for the workplace equipping employees with the important knowledge and skills to both manage their own mental wellbeing and to support their colleagues as well. Our workplace mental health program is designed to help people understand and manage their levels of stress and anxiety better, to ultimately increase their emotional resilience and create a more mentally healthy work environment. Our MHFA training will foster discussions to explore signs of mental illness and how to support each other, with awareness and understanding being the key to maintaining a safe and happy workspace.

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