Why is it Important to Do Your Mental Health First Aid Refresher Training?

Mental health is just as important as physical health; in fact, the two go hand in hand.
Sadly, too many people go without the help they need for a variety of reasons. These
people would benefit greatly from someone educated in Mental Health First Aid, who
can be a lifeline in their time of need.

Mental Health First Aid Refresher Training is important. If you’re a Mental Health First Aider, you’ve signed on to be that lifeline to those in need
and are doing your part to help others. Thank you! The world needs more people like
you; selflessly helping people who need someone to walk them through what can be
confusing, frightening times.

What you do as a Mental Health First Aider makes an enormous difference to the lives
of those in need of care, as well as their families, significant others and loved ones.
You’ve been educated on how to assess the severity of situations, how to approach
someone with an important (yet difficult) conversation regarding their mental health, and
how to intervene in real-world mental health situations, just to name a few of your skills.
However, you’ll become limited in your ability to help if you’re not up to date on Mental
Health First Aid.

Mental Health First Aid Refresher Training people learning mental health first aid

people learning mental health first aid. Mental Health First Aid Refresher Training


Here are some of the benefits of doing your Mental Health First Aid Refresher training, and why you should consider it:

Extend Your Accreditation

Mental Health First Aid accreditation gives you the right to practice Mental Health First
Aid for three years. While that might seem like miles away, the time will pass faster than
you think.

Staying current with your accreditation will allow you to continue practicing Mental
Health First Aid without unaccredited gaps, which is one less thing for you to worry
about while you help those in need.

Taking a Mental Health First Aid Refresher training course will ensure that you can continue
practicing and helping those in need of care, knowing that you are covered by law and
fully permitted to do so.

Stay Up to Date on New Policies and Practices
Medical practices, policies and procedures are constantly changing, and Mental Health
is no different. Between just two accreditations there could (and likely will) be multiple
significant changes in these areas, and if you want to continue your practice, it’s
important to stay up to date.

Taking the Mental Health First Aid Refresher Course will ensure that you are aware of
these critical changes. This gives you the freedom to continue helping others, assured
that you’re up to date on the vital details of your practice.

Renew Your Confidence
Taking the Mental Health First Aid refresher course has yet another benefit: renewing
your confidence. This applies to refresher courses on pretty much any topic, but
especially something as important as caring for others’ wellbeing.

When you have confidence in yourself as a Mental Health First Aider, you’ll be doing a
service to not only yourself, but the people you help as well. Knowing you’re up to date
on any changes, keeping your accreditation current, and refreshing the training for
yourself all contribute to more confidence.

The people you help will notice the difference when you’re feeling more confident too,
allowing them to in turn feel more confident in you and the help that you provide them. It
really is a win-win all around.

Practice Your Skills
One of the best (if not the best) ways to get better at something is to practice it
regularly. This goes for anything you wish to improve at, and Mental Health First Aid is
no exception.

The more you practice the better you’ll be, and this will contribute to your effectiveness
as a Mental Health First Aider in multiple ways. Not only will it feed your confidence as
stated earlier, but it will ensure that you’re giving people the best possible chance at
recovery when you help them.

Taking a Mental Health First Aid Refresher Course will give you the opportunity to
practice those skills you previously learned, learn even more new skills, and boost your
ability to do what you intended to do in the first place: help those in need.

For more detail on what you’ll learn in this course, click here.

Refresh Your Skills Comfortably and Conveniently
The Mental Health First Aid Refresher is a 6-hour online course. This means you can
refresh your skills, accreditation and confidence, all on your own time and from the
location you choose.

There are no in-person seminars or classes, just a virtual group call with your instructor
and peers. We make it as convenient as possible so that you can continue your
important work without having to rearrange your priorities.

You can enrol in your Mental Health First Aid Refresher course here.

People like you are important. Having your help in times of need is integral to the
recovery of the people you help, so staying updated on your skills is essential. This is
why taking a Mental Health First Aid Refresher course is so important — we need you
to keep doing what you do best!

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