MHFA Training Courses: How to Choose the Right Provider For You

When deciding to do MHFA Training Courses or a Mental Health First Aid Refresher there are many variables. One thing that this includes is choosing the provider that will carry out your training. There are so many providers out there, and this can sometimes feel like an impossible choice!

Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to work this out on your own, we thought we’d give you a hand by showing you what to look for in a provider, so that you can spend less time researching and more time getting your MHFA Training Courses done.

Here are 4 ways to ensure that you choose the best provider for your training:

Choose a Principle Master Instructor

Principle Master Instructors are the most experienced and trusted instructors. They are the highest qualified amongst all MHFA facilitators. And, therefore the best choice when considering the provider for your MHFA Training Courses. Aside from their qualifications, the fact that they deliver courses so regularly means that they are well experienced in the content they teach. As well as consistently up to date on the current teaching model.

Choose a Qualified Instructor

Did you know that some instructors don’t carry any qualifications other than being accredited to deliver MHFA Training Courses? While this may not be a deal breaker for some, ideally having an instructor with qualifications in the mental health field is your best bet. This will ensure that you’re getting the best quality training possible. And, it applies to your refresher course as well.

Our instructors are highly qualified, including those with counselling and mental health qualifications. As well as International Coaching Federation Credentialled Coaches, and Australian Counselling Association members.

Choose an Experienced Facilitator

Have you ever attended a course or training and while you thought the content was good, you felt let down by the facilitator? A facilitator can make or break your experience of a course or training. No matter how good the content might be. Or, how excited you were to take the training in the first place. A competent, engaging facilitator makes all the difference. This is something we put a lot of thought into when choosing our facilitators for your MHFA Training Courses. Especially our Mental Health First Aid Refresher. Our facilitators are consistently scored 9.5 out of 10 (or higher). We work hard to bring you the most recent model of training while making the course an enjoyable experience.

MHFA Training Courses team working together

Choose an Organisation That can Manage the Administration for You

Organising MHFA Training Courses and rolling it out for a group of people means taking on a lot of administrative work. There are so many elements to consider in order to create a successful roll out. Like tracking attendance, course completion, and the details of your course takers, to name a few.

Thankfully, we will do all of this busy work for you. You can focus on the most important thing of all: the training itself. No worries about who will do what, just let us take care of the details and enjoy your course!

MHFA Training Courses clients learning

Wrapping it up

Choosing a provider can feel like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you know what to look for in a course provider, it makes it easier to weed out the ones that aren’t a good fit for you so you can more easily find the ones that are.

Once you’ve found the right provider for your needs, you can get started on the most important thing: your MHFA Training Course. Our facilitators are highly qualified and look forward to teaching you the most current model of MHFA Training Courses available.

Our MHFA Training Courses are endorsed and accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

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