Mental Health First Aid Certification

Mental Health First Aid Certification

Learn how to spot the signs of a mental health problem talk to someone about their mental health encourage someone to get support save a life

Each year 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness.

Many people don’t feel knowledgeable or confident to offer assistance.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) teaches you the skills to help someone you feel needs a helping hand with their Mental Health.

Mental Health First Aid is so important. With 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a mental illness of some kind every year, statistically, we are sure to know someone who is experiencing a mental health issue, right now.

Equipping ourselves with Mental Health First Aid skills is essential. These skills allow us to open up difficult conversations where we feel someone may be experiencing a mental health issue, and assist them to get professional assistance for it.

This course is also offered online, click here for more information. 

What is the Mental Health First Aid Certification about?

Mental Health First Aid Certification (MHFA Certification) educates you about mental health illnesses and substance use disorders. MHFA training is designed to help you identify risk factors and to look out for specific warning signs of developing mental health concerns or crisis situations. You will develop a deeper understanding of mental illnesses and how to assist someone who may be experiencing a mental health problem or having a mental health crisis.

Learning MHFA helps remove the stigma from starting conversations around mental health, especially with those who may initially feel uncomfortable or unsure of how to approach or seek advice about the topic. There are many who have difficulties helping those around them with mental health problems and are often unsure of what they should do. Mental illness incorporates a large range of disorders that can be challenging to identify and help treat without adequate MHFA training as some illnesses may be more severe than others and could last a long time.

Our Mental Health First Aid certification is delivered by our highly acclaimed facilitator, Nick McEwan-Hall, who is nationally accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia. The training teaches only evidence-based MHFA strategies to help people respond to a wide range of scenarios in the most effective manner possible.

Certification Mental Health First Aid

Feel Confident

You will learn the knowledge and skills to offer first aid for a mental health problem.

Evidence Based

MHFA courses are evidence based and go through a process of continuous evaluation.

Action Plan

Learn a simple acronym action plan to have a conversation with someone about their mental health

Global Community

You’ll join a community or more than a million people worldwide who have completed this program

Mental Health skills are essential skill for everyone.

In this video, you’ll see a segment from ABC news, which outlines what the course is about, why it’s important, and what you’ll learn.

With one in five people in Australia experiencing a mental health issue every year, and around 3000 people a year dying by suicide, mental health and mental health issues affect everyone.

Additionally, the interview makes the valid point that most people want to help, but many people simply do not know how, or do not feel confident to so so.

While this interview focusses on supporting someone who is suicidal, the course content is much broader than that.

MHFA Training In Person

Why is a mental health first aid certification important and what are the benefits?

Having the ability to start discussions around mental health can help others greatly and may encourage them to seek professional help as you can provide them with support and point them in the right direction for further assistance.

Understanding the mental health of the people around you is important, as the way others behave can influence how we think and act. By possessing the skills to identify and offer mental health first aid, you can increase someone’s overall wellbeing and performance at home, work or in their studies.

1 in 5 Australians are experiencing a form of mental illness each year. The chances are high that you know someone who may need your help, and by completing your Mental Health First Aid qualification, you’ll be ideally positioned to assist them, greatly increasing their quality of life and wellbeing.


The state of Mental Health in Australia.

Around half of the Australian population that is aged between 16 to 85 years will experience a mental health illness at some stage in their life, which is close to 9 million people. The most common mental illnesses Australians continue to experience include depression, anxiety and substance use disorder, in particular, alcohol consumption.

The mental health crisis in Australia continues to worsen, as people are more likely to die by taking their own life than from skin cancer. Of all the people who are able to seek professional help, around 75% of those engaged in professional mental health services have experienced more long-term positive results, which could be initiated by the first aid of someone with an MHFA certification.

In addition to the Mental Health First Aid Certification, we also offer a course on Youth Mental Health First Aid and the MHFA Refresher.

MHFA Course In Person

What will you get out of a mental health first aid certification?

Our MHFA course equips you with the knowledge and skillset to provide first aid for mental health issues, with the aid of an evidence-based action plan which will allow you to quickly and efficiently to address mental health problems.

You’ll gain confidence in understanding mental health, but also in having a conversation with someone you’re worried about.

Perhaps the best reason to do this course is that you’ll be able to assist someone who is struggling with mental health problems, and even save a life.

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What our clients say about this course

I feel so comfortable now with providing mental health first aid to anyone in need.

Great course. Everyone should do it!

Nick knew his subject, dealt well with Zoom and facilitated the group really skilfully. He was considerate supportive and upbeat.

This course has brought about a personal passion and has highlighted the importance for mental health first aid. I believe it should be a standard requirement for all workplaces.

I now feel confident to have conversations rather than just observe people’s behaviour.

It is important to do to not only improve your understanding of mental health, but to give you the confidence to act in a mental health emergency

Nick created a safe and engaging learning environment from the beginning, he was clear, articulate, relatable with a wealth of knowledge and a joy to listen to.

Course Structure

Our in-person course consists of 2 full days of training, 7 hours per day. The program is conducted face to face and can be delivered in your organisation, or join one of our public programs.

This course does not require any preparation or work to be done before attending the training in person. You simply attend the two days of training and we’ll educate you on everything you need to know so that you will be able to offer mental health first aid to those who need it.

You can view the public courses we have available on our web page or contact us to discuss the mental health first aid training style that suits you.

This course is facilitated our accredited and highly acclaimed facilitator, Nick McEwan-Hall. Nick is a Principle Master instructor with Mental Health First Aid Australia.

You’ll have access to our facilitators throughout your learning. You’ll be able to ask questions, and get support and implement what you learn.

We also provide lifetime support for our clients, so you can contact us anytime for support with using your new skills.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone aged 18 or above, who is looking to educate themselves in mental health first aid. No prior knowledge about mental illnesses is needed. Anyone can enrol in this course.

How does the course work?

This course is conducted in person with our incredible facilitator, Nick McEwan-Hall who possesses a wide range of experience in presenting at numerous conferences, workshops and webinars. The MHFA training we provide is an education course about understanding how to provide mental health first aid to others and is not a therapy or support service.


After completing your program with us, you can be recognised for your skills with a formal accreditation. There is no cost for accreditation and we will walk you through the process.

Upcoming Course Dates

Check bac soon for more dates.

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TMHC Founder Nick McEwan-Hall

Your Facilitator

We know that a great course is made even better by a fantastic facilitator!

Our Founder, Nick McEwan-Hall, facilitates our Mental Health First Aid courses for us. You may have seen Nick present at conferences, workshops and webinars.

If you have, you’ll know Nick is a great facilitator who knows how to bring learning to life. Nick is as passionate about good facilitation as he is about the content.

Participants in our courses rate Nick a 9.7 out of 10 for his facilitation skills. We’re sure you’ll find Nick creative, engaging, knowledgeable, caring and fun!

Enrol now. Learn the skills. Save a life.