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Mental Health Essentials Webinar

Register for only $29. January 24th, 2pm Melbourne Time.

Do you want to feel more confident to help someone who might be experiencing a mental health problem? your team to have a solid introduction to mental health, and to feel confident to support one another in the workplace?

Do you want to feel more confident to help someone who might be experiencing a mental health problem?

Do you want your team to have a solid introduction to mental health, and to feel confident to support one another in the workplace?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then this workshop is for you or your workplace.

The incidence of mental health problems in Australia, and around the world, is already high, but after COVID19, we are seeing a spike in people experiencing mental health problems right now, and will continue to over the next 12-24 months.

One in five Australians will experience a mental health issue in any given year and 75% of people between the ages of 16 and 86 will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. This means that 20% of our friends, family, staff, colleagues and people around us will experience a mental health issue this year.

Certification Mental Health First Aid

And if you have young people in your life or your workplace, the prevalence is higher. Did you know that the average onset age for Anxiety is 15 years old? Most people say they don’t know how to help when they think it might be necessary, but the skills are easy to learn.

Mental Health issues affect a persons life in many ways, from very subtly, to life changing affects. But, with some basic knowledge and a set of skills behind us, we can confidently and competently assist someone when they experience a mental health issue.

In this workshop, we take a look at mental health in some detail, and introduce to you some easy ways to build your skills in the area of mental health.

We’ll look at…

  • What mental health is

  • The mental health continuum

  • Some facts and stats about mental health in Australia

  • When you should be concerned about a persons mental health

  • Two of the most common mental health problems – and how to spot them

  • How mental health issues affect how people learn and work – and what to do about it

  • How to have a conversation with someone about their mental health

  • The Mental Health First Aid course

This workshop is suitable for everyone – you don’t need to know anything about Mental Health to get a lot out of it.

Workshop outcomes

  • Gain confidence in mental health awareness

  • Increased wellbeing

  • Gain skills to apply in all facets of your life – home, work and in the community

  • Increased empathy and understanding for those around you who experience mental health issues

  • Give your team evidence based skills and tools to support one another

  • Demonstrate that your organisation has taken steps to support it’s people’s mental health and wellbeing

All attendees receive a certificate of attendance.

How is the workshop run?

We can run this for you as an online event via zoom, or in person at your workplace, school or community group.

The maximum number of participants per online workshop is set at 20, and for in person workshops is set at 35, so that we can ensure a great learning experience, and safety for everyone attending.

Workshop pricing

Running the workshop online via zoom is an investment of $1,200.

For in person pricing, it’s best to discuss this with us so that we can get a full picture of your needs, including location etc.


I feel so comfortable now with providing mental health support to anyone in need.

Great workshop. Everyone should do it!

Nick knew his subject, dealt well with Zoom and facilitated the group really skilfully. He was considerate, supportive and upbeat.

This course has brought about a personal passion and has highlighted the importance for mental health. I believe it should be a standard requirement for all workplaces.

I now feel confident to have conversations rather than just observe people’s behaviour.

It is important to do to not only improve your understanding of mental health, but to give you the confidence to act in a mental health emergency.

Nick created a safe and engaging learning environment from the beginning, he was clear, articulate, relatable with a wealth of knowledge and a joy to listen to.

One of the best mental health workshops I have ever participated in!

If you want a solid understanding of mental health and mental illness, run by a facilitator who know’s their stuff, this is it!

How to book a workshop for your team

It’s Easy!

Certification Mental Health First Aid

To book an online workshop, you can select a date and time and complete payment by clicking on the button below.

To book an in person workshop, please give us a call on 1300 302 462 and speak to one of the team who will be happy to help you.

Otherwise, you can fill out an enquiry form by clicking the button below, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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