Could you Save a Life with Your Youth MHFA Skills?

Suicide is a very difficult subject to talk about. You may or may not know someone that has either attempted or completed suicide. It’s one of those things that nobody wants to think about, but far more people should. And, it’s one of the main reasons you should consider taking our Youth MHFA course, Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Suicide is the number one cause of death of Australians aged 18 to 24, claiming the lives of 350 young people each year. That’s more than road related deaths. And, it doesn’t even include the 100 to 200 attempts that are documented, either.

If more people talked about suicide and raised awareness within our society, people would feel more comfortable getting help. Asking for and receiving the help they so desperately need in their darkest times. It would be seen less as a topic to avoid at all costs and maybe even dissipate the stigma that surrounds suicide.

People in pain would realise that they have a choice, and that there is a way out of their pain. It’s so hard to see the potential resolution to something that consumes you so deeply, but there is always a way out. This is especially critical for adolescents and young people; they are amongst the least likely to search for help with their suffering.

The statistics around mental illness in young people are alarming, but having Youth Mental Health First Aid skills can make a massive difference.

How Can Youth MHFA Help?

Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to respond to someone in need of help with their Mental Health. Just like providing first aid to a physically injured person before the doctor takes over. MHFA is that critical step between a Mental Health crisis and getting someone professional help.

Youth MHFA is specifically designed to help you understand how best to help young people in their time of need. We teach you which signs to watch for and what to do when you observe them. We cover suicide in our Youth MHFA course, so you leave with the skills you need to be as observant as possible. You might not have realised that your awareness could be lifesaving, but it definitely can.

Youth MHFA first aid kit

How Could You Save a Life?

Being aware of the signs a suicidal adolescent might be exhibiting could be the difference between life and death — literally. Many of those closest to people who have either attempted or completed suicide had no idea their loved one was suffering so deeply. Simply because they didn’t know what to look for.

Suicidal people rarely announce their plans, especially if they’re seriously contemplating ending their lives. Spotting a behavior or action before it’s too late is the key to saving a life. That’s what you’ll learn in our Youth Mental Health First Aid course.

Youth MHFA will help you be the bridge between the person suffering and the professional help they need, but that they don’t know how to get. Suicidal people commonly feel that they are beyond help; that their situation is hopeless. You can show them that it’s not, and that there is a way out of their suffering.

This is lifesaving.

Youth MHFA lifebuoy ring

What You Can Do to Help

More help is always needed in the suicide prevention field, and awareness is the first step. By becoming certified in Youth MHFA, you’ll be taking on a brave role that not everyone is cut out for. Learning the warning signs of suicide as well as how to intervene correctly. Along with the many other skills you’ll learn in this course. It’s a way forward for the healing of our young people’s Mental Health struggles.

It’s time to stop dismissing Mental Health as less important than Physical Health. The two go hand in hand, affect one another, and each are equally important. The more people that understand this the better off our younger generations will be. It will continue on in the generations to come. Can you imagine being a part of something that important?

Youth MHFA text written on arms


The most frustrating part of suicide is that it’s preventable. So many wonderful people have lost their lives because they deemed themselves beyond help. This simply isn’t true; there is help for every person and for every Mental Health struggle, no matter how severe. The sad truth is that people just don’t know how to get better on their own. That’s where people like you come in.

Being certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid is an important tool to assist our youth with their Mental Health issues, including thoughts of (or plans for) suicide. Getting the awareness out to young people before it’s too late is critical in saving lives, and your Youth MHFA certification will allow you to do just that.

The saying “the children are the future” has always been true, but in this case, even more so. Spreading awareness and educating young people on this important topic is literally lifesaving. For adolescents today and generations to come. The more people we can help now the better. Hopefully one day suicide will be far less prevalent than it is today.

Our enrolment staff are standing by to answer your questions and help you get started helping our young people in need, so contact us today and let’s help our youth together.

For 24/7 professional support around suicide, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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