Mental Health First Aid Renewal Course: 5 Things You Won’t Miss Out if You Attend

Mental Health First Aiders are accredited for 3 years at a time. Between renewals much can change, whether it be for yourself, the people you help, and/or mental health research, policies and procedures. One way to be sure that you’re up to date on the most current happenings in Mental Health First Aid is to take a Mental Health First Aid Renewal course, referred to as a MHFA Refresher. This will help you to provide assistance to those in need in the most effective way possible.

There are other benefits available to you as well, 5 of which we’ve listed for you here:

You’ll Stay Current on Mental Health Facts

In the mental health field, research is an ongoing process. This means that there are frequent changes and as a result of this, important policies, procedures and protocols are also subject to change. While you’re accredited for a 3-year period, there is much that can change between renewals. The best way to counteract this is to take a Mental Health First Aid Renewal course every 3 years at a minimum, and more often if you can. This way, you can always be confident that the help you give is the most effective, impactful, and up to date that it can be.

Read more about the MHFA Refresher.

Mental Health First Aid Renewal staying current on facts

You’ll Get Access to any Changes in the MHFA Model

As a result of the research changes mentioned above, from time to time we must also make changes to the model that we teach in the course. This is important to know, as the model we teach is what makes our conversations (and our impact on others) as successful as possible. Taking a Mental Health First Aid Renewal course will ensure that you’re always up to date on the most recent model, allowing you to have effective, impactful conversations that the people you help have come to count on.

Opportunity to Practice Your Skills

It’s always a good idea to practice your skills, and we do just that (a lot of that, actually) in the Mental Health First Aid Renewal course. Even if you use your skills regularly, having an expert trainer to practice with and to provide you with feedback will help to strengthen them even more. This is beneficial to your MHFA performance, but it also does wonders for your confidence. To know that what you’re doing helps people is a great feeling, but to know that you’re doing it well feels even better.

Mental Health First Aid Renewal practing skills

Letting Your Accreditation Lapse

Accreditation is valid for a 3-year period, as you know. But did you know that if you let it lapse, you’ll have to take the initial training all over again? This is a very good reason to take a Mental Health First Aid Renewal course, and before your accreditation period expires! The initial training is longer than the refresher training, and if you’ve already taken it once you may not want to go back to the beginning. Prevent this by taking the refresher course and stay up to date on important changes while you’re at it.

Hear From Other Mental Health First Aiders

One of the best parts of Mental Health First Aid Renewal training is the chance to connect with other Mental Health First Aiders. Talking to people who have the same training and desire to help others as yourself is a wonderful experience, and only helps to solidify your belief in what you do. With such a diverse group as ours, you’ll get to hear the different perspectives of others who do what you do, all while learning together as a community. You never know what you might learn from someone you just met, just by listening to what they have to say!

Mental Health First Aid Renewal hearing from others

Taking a Mental Health First Aid Renewal course is a good idea for various reasons, some of which you’ve just read here. Not only will you maintain your accreditation by staying current on the ever-changing research of mental health, but your skills and confidence will benefit as well.

Finding community with your fellow Mental health First Aiders and practicing your skills with an expert trainer will ensure that you’re doing your best, and that you know it. Helping people is a selfless and honorable act, and we want you to keep doing the great work you’re doing!

So, if you’re approaching your 3-year expiration and need to renew, or just want to brush up on your skills and spend some time updating your knowledge, we’d love for you to enrol in a Mental Health First Aid Renewal course today!

The Mental Health First Aid Refresher program is endorsed and accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

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