Matthew Cavagnino

Matthew Cavagnino

Administration Officer

Matt Cavagnino

Matthew Cavagnino is a versatile individual whose passion lies at the intersection of the performing arts, creative expression, and mental health. With a multifaceted career, he wears many hats, bringing his unique blend of talents to various facets of life.

As the Administration Officer of The Mental Health Coach, Matt plays a crucial role in the background, orchestrating the behind-the-scenes operations that help bring vital and engaging content to life. His dedication to mental health advocacy shines through as he collaborates with Nick and the team, ensuring valuable resources reach those who need them. Studying a postgraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Melbourne, Matt is all too familiar with the stuffy theories and the endless coursework without getting out there. 

But with The Mental Health Coach, Matt truly feels he can make a difference and has dived head-first into leading a lifestyle that promotes the role mental health can play in their daily life. Becoming a Youth Mental Health First Aider in August 2022, Matt’s journey with Mental Health First Aid Training is only the beginning – he’s even looking at becoming a rainbow counsellor in due time!

Beyond his administrative work, Matt is a creative force, leaving his mark in performing arts and creative endeavours. Taking an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree at The University of Notre Dame Australia in Sydney (majoring in theatre studies and film & screen production) Matt’s artistic contributions have enriched the cultural landscape he has access to – launching his own theatrical production company, appearing in several stage productions, becoming a successful drag and cabaret artist, and most recently, has launched his own photography business MRC Studio – “his camera, your story.”

Matt loves films, plants, interior design, and wearing latex (yes, like Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman!). Matt’s journey is a testament to the power of blending passion with purpose, positively impacting both the creative and mental health realms.