Leadership Mental Health Coaching

Leadership Mental Health Coaching

Leadership Mental Health Coaching provides a mental health structure for current and future leaders in the workplace and in the community.

Leadership Mental Health Coaching provides a mental health structure for current and future leaders in the workplace and in the community. Having the skills to support and guide your workforce or community is an invaluable skill.

This style of coaching also aims to increase your knowledge of mental health issues both in general, and how organisations can impact mental wellness. During recent times of change and uncertainty, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, having the knowledge to lift and support colleagues contributes to a stronger organisation on a day to day basis and overall. Leadership Mental Health Coaching also can help the leader of the workplace support individual colleagues or employees in times of grief or depression. We can also help spot the signs that would otherwise have been missed for depression, anxiety and other issues and how to recommend the sufferer getting the help that they need. 

There is a wide range of factors in the workplace and community that can lead to the poor mental health of workers including high or low job demand, which can make the employee feel undervalued or worried about job security if they feel they are easily replaceable. Through this coaching, we will show you how to make your employees feel valued in the workplace.

Another factor that can affect the mental health of a worker is poor organisational support or workplace relationships that are not productive. If an employee feels they are overstretched or not able to have a good working relationship with their co-workers it can lead to the loss of trained and talented employees. A lack of role clarity is another issue that can severely impact the wellbeing of an employee. If there is little to no boundaries in their day to day duties, this can lead to them feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated.  Leadership Mental Health Coaching can help you identify possible issues that lead to this situation and possible solutions to remedy this negative feeling.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen many employees’ mental health suffer from the increase of isolated work environments and seeing work life and home life fuse together. Strategies to help increase the feeling of support from their organisation are just some of the ways our course will aim to support the mental health and wellbeing of your company.  

Other issues that can impact the wellbeing of your employees are:

  • inadequate organisational change management
  • poor environmental conditions
  • violent or traumatic events

These are just some examples that can contribute to weakened mental health in a workplace setting and also in other more casual settings. Positive mental health environments start at the top down, from leaders and managers.

Leadership Mental Health coaching is a vital educational opportunity for a thriving and productive environment. Learning positive practices, implementation of supportive policies and ways to have conducive conversations on mental health are just some of the skills you will learn when working with our coaches.  

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