Latrobe City Council

Latrobe City Council

We have a long history of working with Local Government and Councils, providing services to staff and the community alike.

Local councils have a unique mix of needs, requiring training and development of council staff, but also accessing and provisioning services to the community they serve.

At The Mental Health Coach, we are local government experts who work in partnership to implement creative, place based programs with a lasting impact.

Nick McEwan-Hall

Nick McEwan-Hall

CEO and Founder

These programs were delivered by our CEO and Founder, Nick McEwan-Hall

Case Study – LaTrobe City Council

Client Objective

LaTrobe City Council is based in regional Victoria. They sought to ensure relevant staff across council had up to date Mental Health First Aid skills, to equip them to support each other, and also to support customers.

Because many council roles are community and customer facing, including the provision of primary health services, having thorough mental health training was seen to be imperative for the team.

TMHC Services accessed

TMHC Solution

We worked with the leadership team to identify who across council required initial MHFA training, as well as potential for any refresher training that may be required. We ran face to face training at council venues to support the team to learn valuable skills.

Full follow up support was provided, as well as administration and management of the program rollout.

Client Return on Investment

After training, staff reported feeling approximately twice as confident to have a conversation with a colleague or customer about mental health. Their confidence score went from 49% confident, to 89% confident.

Some very experienced staff left with new learnings and new approaches to use in their daily work.

Unique applications

Participating in the training were several road maintenance team members, who shared stories of members of the public approaching them directly on the street, often with hostility. Mental Health First Aid skills were essential for this team, to ensure that any negative impact of these types of interactions could be spotted early, and supported.

Course participant feedback

“It will give me a better understanding/empathy when dealing with customers.”

“It will help me to better understand the youth I work with and how to talk and assess where they are at, as well as how to encourage them to seek help.”

“Help us to be more aware of signs of people in distress, and give us the steps to be able to assist.”

“Nick was excellent! He was able to keep the entire group engaged throughout, and created a comfortable and supportive environment. I HIGHLY recommend this course and Nick. Thank you so much.”

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