Central Coast Council

Local Government

We have a long history of working with Local Government and Councils, providing services to staff and the community alike.

Local councils have a unique mix of needs, requiring training and development of council staff, but also accessing and provisioning services to the community they serve.

At The Mental Health Coach, we are local government experts who work in partnership to implement creative, place based programs with a lasting impact.

Nick McEwan-Hall

Nick McEwan-Hall

CEO and Founder

These programs were delivered by our CEO and Founder, Nick McEwan-Hall

Case Study – Central Coast Council

Client Objective

Central Coast Council is based north of Sydney in NSW. They approached The Mental Health Coach to run a number of events during Mental Health Week across two years. They sought to provide their community with a range of mental health skills to build community resilience.

TMHC Services accessed

TMHC Solution

Working together we delivered several public Mental Health First Aid programs, as well as several Mental Health Essentials webinars for the local community.

Client Return on Investment

The feedback from participants was exceptional, with several giving us feedback after the training that they had help family and friends to access professional services.

Further, council reported several pieces of community feedback directly to council that the program was useful, effective and accessible.

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