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We have a long history of working with Local Government and Councils, providing services to staff and the community alike.

Local councils have a unique mix of needs, requiring training and development of council staff, but also accessing and provisioning services to the community they serve.

At The Mental Health Coach, we are local government experts who work in partnership to implement creative, place based programs with a lasting impact.

Nick McEwan-Hall

Nick McEwan-Hall

CEO and Founder

These programs were delivered by our CEO and Founder, Nick McEwan-Hall

Case Study – Alpine Shire Council

Client Objective

Alpine Shire Council is based in regional Victoria. A number of the Youth Services team undertook our Rainbow Youth Mental Health First Aid Program with us in 2023.

After attending, they approached us to deliver Teen Mental Health First Aid to all Year 8 and Year 10 students across the LGA. We also upskilled a number of secondary teachers in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

TMHC Services accessed

TMHC Solution

We worked with the Youth Services team to coordinate the rollout of Teen Mental Health First Aid to every Year 8 and Year 10 student across the LGA. This amounted to just under 200 students.

We also up skilled a number of secondary school teachers in Youth Mental Health First Aid, to ensure that their schools had appropriately skilled staff to support the students as they went through the program.

Client Return on Investment

After training, the secondary teachers reported feeling more confident to have a conversation with a colleague or friend about mental health. Their confidence score went from 69% confident, to 90% confident.

They rated the program at a satisfaction rating of 98%.

The secondary students feedback reported that although the content was not all that new to them, that the program was very useful and important.

Memorable moment

During the training, one of the year 8 students told me that their good friend had been in hospital a lot for ‘mental health stuff’.  This student told me that they weren’t quite sure what they could do to help their friend.

The student told me that they have just been keeping in touch with them, via phone and online. The student looked at me and asked “Is that enough? Is it good?”.

When I replied that in actual fact it was excellent, and that their friendship was a massive protective factor, she smiled, visibly relieved. She told me that it was ‘so good’ to know that what she was doing was right.

It often doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference, and in this interaction I was reminded just how knowledgeable our young people are about mental health, and that some times they just need that reassurance to continue doing what they are doing.

Course participant feedback

“Nick was amazing. Has tremendous knowledge and his delivery was amazing on point. Really engaging and interesting. I look forward to having him delivering this course to our students.”

“A comfortable and safe learning space where everyone’s thoughts and ideas were valued.”

“My favourite part was learning about how to deal with someone who is considering suicide, as it is usually a taboo subject.”

“I didn’t know how to help someone, but now I do/”

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